Small Investment Crowd of Investors = Successful Funding

Looking for African businesses to invest in? AfricaBizFund is a great place to find businesses looking for funding. Simply register and you can build your own portfolio of businesses to invest in. Businesses are listed under several categories and using our Advanced Search option, you can search for businesses Category, Target Amount Range, Equity Offered, Country, Keywords, etc.

Once registered, you can add funds to your AfricaBizFund account using debit / credit cards or Paypal. Any time you invest in a business, the amount invested is deducted from your AfricaBizFund account. In addition to equity and profit sharing, most businesses offer rewards to investors.

If after investing in a business you change your mind, simply inform us and we will refund the amount invested to your AfricaBizFund account. However, if the fund raising period for the business you have invested in has expired, you will not be entitled to a refund.

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